Through a series of miraculous events, Pastor Lamar Breedlove was saved at the age of 20, at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. He promised God, that if he would help him get out of the canyon, he would live for him. Although he had injured his ankle, he was able to climb up and out of the canyon, and soon after, returned to his home in Stone Mountain, Georgia. His friends told him that, now that he was saved, he needed to go to church. Although he was willing, he didn’t know where he should go. He saw a bumper sticker that read, “Forrest Hills Baptist Church- Are you ready for the Rapture?” Soon after he saw an ad in the paper that said, “Forrest Hills Baptist Church- Souls saved every week.” He knew those two truths, so he decided that that was the church he needed to attend. He visited the Forrest Hills Baptist Church in Atlanta, where Dr. Curtis Hutson was the Pastor. He loved the preaching, got baptized, joined the church, and began to grow as a Christian. Pastor Breedlove learned how to be an effective soul winner through the ministry of Dr. Curtis Hutson. God also gave him his wife, Julie, while he served the Lord at Forrest Hills. Pastor Breedlove attended Baptist University of America after he was called to preach. He also volunteered to work on a bus route at the church, worked on staff doing a variety of jobs, worked as a City Missionary, and eventually became an Assistant Pastor in charge of soul winning. God called Bro. Breedlove to come to Central Florida and start a church. He moved with his wife and first born daughter to Florida, and started the Central Fellowship Baptist Church at the Spring Lakes Fire Department in Orange City. The church grew out of that building and moved to the Kiddie Kollege Day Care Center. Pastor Breedlove and his church family worked, prayed, and searched for the place that God had for them. Through another series of miraculous events, God provided the land at the present location in Lake Helen. Pastor Lamar Breedlove has enjoyed reaching people for Christ and teaching them how to be victorious in their Christian Life. He was once asked if he had any hobbies. His reply was that his favorite hobby would be soul winning, for nothing brings him more joy that to lead someone to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. His church has grown and his family has grown. He and his wife have seven living children and six grandchildren.