At CFBC we understand the business of life, the constant push and pull from all sides is an ever present battle. God calls us to rise above monotonous routine and to gather together to learn more about him. We truly believe in the value of our spiritual growth. For this same reason we have created classes of like ages for those who yearn to develop in Christ.  The adult classes are available to encourage growth and fellowship between believers. We encourage you to join us for a time of challenging growth both spiritually and socially.


The Founders

The Founders couples ministry was started in an effort to help uplift and encourage newly married couples. Our vision is to first grow in the Lord then to build our marriages on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ. This vision comes from Proverbs 24:3, “Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established:” Here we realize the importance of attaining wisdom and understanding to benefit our daily lives. We recognize the challenge of the first few years of marriage; that is why we will do our best to teach and direct according the steps Christ has clearly laid out for a biblical marriage..

Victorious Bible Class

 The Victorious Bible Class is like no other. We are challenged and strengthened weekly to prove God for who He is by holding on to the promises of His Word. Our focus is learning to live victoriously through the many challenges we face day to day

Moms on a Mission

As single mothers, our need for God as the anchor in our lives and homes is absolutely necessary. We must seek hope while trusting  in his unfailing promises. This class seeks to encourage each member  through Christ’s strength, His protection, and His comfort. We challenge each other to build a better relationship with Him, while nurturing our relationships with each other. Activities and fellowship are a priority in our class, but the mindset to help one another in a time of need is ever present.

College & Career

Our purpose is to enhance the drive and desires of the next generation. Our focus will be to build a strong daily relationship with our God that readies us to be victorious in all relationships in life! Our class will allow us to have friends who will encourage us to do the same!